Frequently Asked Questions

What can the machine construct?

  • Our machine can be used to construct any type of structure; be it simple and plain or has geometry and is a complex design. It can be used to make any type of affordable houses of 300 to 2500 SqFt area, defence shelters and bunkers, disaster rehabilitation centre. It offers the following advancement over traditional methods of construction:
    a) Automated construction process.
    b) Faster and cost effective.
    c) Can construct complex structure.
    d) Reduce the wastage takes exact amount of mortar, calculated during the file printing.

  • This technology provides flexibility in constructing unique structures. It is capable to build complex architectural design and different geometrical and intricate shapes, which are considered tough to build in traditional construction methods.

  • We can visualize the design of the structure to be printed in a 3D CAD software before it is converted into machine readable format. Once the 3D CAD design of the concrete structure is converted into machine readable format and fed into the machine, it constructs the structure by layer-upon-layer deposition of mortar as per the 3D CAD design. We can also visualize the printing/construction steps of the structure in the 3D software.

  • Yes, that can be built as long as these structures are incorporated in the design that is fed to the machine.

  • As construction happens by depositing layer upon layer, these layers are visible in the raw structure that gets printed. This in itself looks very unique. However, finishing the structure is completely up to you. You can directly paint the 3d printed wall after hardening or you can first put plaster on it and then paint.

  • Yes, foundations can be built using our machine.

  • While 3d printing, only window and door slots (space for windows) can be printed, then you need to install windows and doors manually in the designated slots.

  • Yes, our current versions of machines are capable of building G+1 houses.

  • Yes, the houses constructed through our construction 3d printer are permanent and completely safe for living. We have collaborated with UltraTech Cement and Aditya Birla Group for mortar material used in the construction of houses or any other architectural structures. The material that is being used for construction has been specifically researched and made for this purpose by the R&D team of UltraTech┬áCement who has been a┬áreliable┬ápartner and the No. 1 brand in cement manufacturing and other construction materials.

  • It will depend upon the size of project and the geographic location of the project site. Further, it depends on the size of the house. However, with this technology we can expect a complete 1 BHK house without electricity, plumbing and interior fittings to be constructed within 2-3 days. Moreover, our concrete 3d printer is able to provide roughly estimated construction-hours, when you prepare your 3D CAD model of the house for construction using our concrete 3d printer.

  • Installation and Maintenance

  • No, our concrete 3d printer operates on 220V AC power supply.

  • Our printer is 8 meter tall and requires 8x8 meter land space. Land should be levelled before it is used for constructing.

  • We provide a detailed maintenance terms when you enter into purchase contract. Here is a brief overview:
    We provide free machine maintenance thrice in a year. Under this free maintenance we do the following activities.
    a) Light cleaning and Inspection of full machine.
    b) Gear tension, load, and alignment of the axes.
    c) Nozzle care.
    d) Fittings of Nuts and bolts.
    e) Complete calibration of the machine

  • Customization and Upgradation

  • Currently upgradation is possible only in the software of the machine. In case there is a specific requirement of upgrading the hardware of the machine our engineering team will be in touch with you to take the requirements and build a new machine for you.

  • Yes, wall thickness and other structural parameters can be customized in the architectural CAD design before it is put for construction using our machine.

  • Pricing and After-Sales services

  • Please click here and submit your request for quotation. Our sales engineering team will get in touch with you within 12 working hours of submitting your query. They will be able to suggest you the best suited model of our concrete 3d printing machine along with the desired customization. They will also clarify all of your purchase related queries.

  • Yes, freight charges are exclusive of the machine cost.

  • Currently, our machine is available for sale only and cannot be rented.

  • Yes, 5-7 days of installation and training sessions are provided at the time of installation of the machine to the operators and management team without any additional cost.